The National Society of Leadership and Success wrapped up its orientation on campus. It’s the nation’s largest honor society, and it gives members the opportunity to build leadership skills through a variety of programs.

The NSLS has 832,591 members at 604 colleges nationwide. The Society encourages community action, volunteerism, personal growth and strong leadership from its chapters and members.

This week’s orientation was the first step for UNT Dallas students, and it will be followed by Leadership Training Day, three Speaker Broadcasts and Success Networking Team meetings. This step-by-step program for members as they progress toward induction builds their leadership skills.

“I ask students during orientation why they signed up,” said Marcus Roberson, Assistant Director of Leadership and Multicultural Programs. “I get whole bunch of responses, they were quiet or shy, and they joined to the program to come out of their shell to develop their leadership skills and characteristics.

“By induction time, these students are coming out of their shell, they are completely different people. We have opportunities for leadership retreats as a part of the program and different opportunities for conferences, so it’s huge. It’s a national organization.”