Why give to UNT Dallas? When you give, you open up a world of possibilities for students, both traditional and non-traditional, that they never thought possible. When you give to UNTD, you tear down a student’s “big” financial obstacles, in support of their bigger dreams for success.

You support students like Dean Boyd, who through the help of scholarships, has found a way to transform not only his life, but the lives of his family members and future students.

“One of humanities greatest philosophers once stated, ‘if you choose a job you love, then you will never have to work a day in your life.’ When I enrolled into UNT Dallas in 2015, my goal was to find a degree that would allow me to get my bachelor’s degree as quickly as possible. 

Accessorized with a bachelor’s degree, my plan was to get back on the corporate ladder and work toward an executive position in a company owned by stockholders who would never know my name or my worth beyond monetary profit.

Fortunately for me, this was not the case. For my journey at UNT Dallas reacquainted me with my soul’s purpose-to serve humanity, mentor others, and leave a legacy that supports others.

As a husband and a father of four, my scholastic achievements set a precedent at home for how hope and persistency provide strength to press forward against the odds. As an undergraduate student, I found myself overwhelmed with the pressures of a sick parent, job loss, mounting bills, and managing a household while managing school. Thankfully, as a leader and mentor on campus, I’ve inherited a family of student, faculty, staff, and administrators who encourage me and provide emotional support when I need it the most.

My degree has become more than just a piece of paper that validates my work experience. As a first-generation college graduate, it symbolizes a legacy that I pass down to my sons, my daughters, and generations to come.

At UNTD, I learned to realign my ambitions and career goals. ‘Just’ getting my bachelor’s degree has been replaced by the pursuit of my master’s degree. I’ve become a better servant to my family and community thanks to the model of service at UNTD. My experiences on campus and the relationships I’ve built, have helped me reevaluate the important things of life.

Like most non-traditional students, I enrolled into UNT Dallas with a ‘get employed quick’ mindset. Now, I have found my passion to serve through teaching with the hope of never having to ‘work’ another day in my life.”

-Dean Boyd, Class of 2017 & 2019
B.A. Human Services Management & Leadership
M.S. Curriculum & Instruction