UNT Dallas President Bob Mong Speaks at a Student Town Hall About Student Fees & Tuition

A Message from University of North Texas at Dallas President Bob Mong

What are the students at UNT Dallas being asked to vote on?

At UNT Dallas, we haven’t raised tuition or fees since 2014, despite the increases in our expenses and the growth in our enrollment.

The following points are important for students, faculty and staff to consider:

- UNT Dallas is the most affordable choice in higher education in Dallas-Fort Worth. Keeping student costs down is a significant part of our mission.

- As an institution, we are transparent about how our resources are being spent. We have engaged in productive conversations with the SGA and many students in Town Hall Meetings.

- We are holding the next Student Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 2:30 p.m. in Founders Hall, Room 138. Join me for the discussion about tuition and fees. We have another on Jan. 17.

- Many students have asked for more services, and to accommodate these requests we propose an increase in the Student Services Fee from $10 per semester credit hour to $20. We are also proposing a $25 flat fee per semester for medical services. 

- I encourage students to vote for this referendum on fees. These fees were thoroughly considered to support basic student needs. If students have questions about these proposals, ask an SGA member, or Dr. Jamaica Chapple. 

- A 4.8% tuition increase is also being considered to ensure our continued momentum, but that must go before the Board of Regents. That is not part of the student vote. 

- The student vote continues through Jan. 19, and each student has been sent a link to vote through their campus email address.