The UNT Dallas facilities team has been hard at work reimagining and renovating space on campus to increase efficiencies. The tangible evidence of their hard work is on display in Building One on the third floor where marketing communications, institutional advancement, and human resources will now reside.

Institutional Advancement will move to a fully renovated Room 344.  Dr. Williams and her new Administrative Assistant, Debbie Cobb will move into the spacious area with a grand view of downtown Dallas. 

“This is really a nice space to have meetings with our donors and potential donors,” said Dr. Williams.  “As we visit with them in our new conference room, it will be an easy segue in the conversations to show the skyline of Dallas to the north and reinforce the message that UNT Dallas really is the pathway to social mobility for our students.” Grant writer and administrator Alicia Brossette will be moving to the Institutional Advancement suite as well.

Marketing Communications has been moved to Room 348.  “This is a great move for us,” said Ashley Johnson, Public Relations Director. “Our new location between the President’s Office and Institutional Advancement will help us better coordinate the university’s outreach efforts, and help us strategize and develop the university’s marketing communications efforts.”

Gary Finney and the HR department will occupy the space vacated by Institutional Advancement

Faculty will move into Founders Hall 305 where Marketing Communications was recently housed.