With the goal of continuing to bridge the gap amongst student body and senior administration, the University of North Texas at Dallas Student Government Association hosted a town hall meeting recently for anyone wanting to voice their opinions and/or concerns for the betterment of the university.

“As a student of UNT Dallas, it brings me joy to know that there is an open forum for my voice to be heard,” said senior Jennifer Contreras. “We had a representative from each department and it was perfect, considering many students do not always have the chance to ask questions about financial aid classes. SGA does a great job at conducting these forums to make sure every student's voice is heard.”

Dee Goines, the Director of Residence Life for UNT Dallas, was one of many senior staff members on hand to answer any questions students brought forth.

“It always is important for students to get their voice heard,” said Goines. “It is also a good opportunity for staff to hear concerns coming from other students and to make it a fair process across the board. I think as often as these things can happen, it will make UNT Dallas an even more desirable institution to attend.”

Goines also touched on the importance of making sure students feel comfortable to voice their concerns at any time – not just during designated meetings and/or forums.

“We live in a time where we all want stuff right now. When can’t what we want right now, it lingers and becomes more of a problem. Speaking for myself and the rest of my staff, our doors are always open to discuss any problems and concerns the students may have.”