Katrina Coakley began working for UNT Dallas in January 2014. She is the Assistant Provost for Student Success and has helped lead the University’s efforts in providing services that impact student success. As part of that effort, she is helping to host the first ever UNT Dallas Major Madness event


What is Major Madness?

            Major Madness is an opportunity for students to ask faculty about the various majors the University offers. Both undergraduate and graduate programs will be represented and there will also be several employers in attendance to let students know what kind of majors or experiences they are looking for when they are hiring. 

What was the inspiration behind Major Madness?

            Faculty are excited to share information about their programs. Learning what their programs have to offer and understanding how our students can benefit in their career search is what inspired us to create the event. Providing students the opportunity to visit with faculty outside the classroom in a comfortable environment during this great weather, will help the faculty and students relate to each other more easily and enjoy friendly and useful conversations.

Who should attend Major Madness? Why should they attend?

            Even if students already have their major set, they should attend. There will be opportunities to talk about studying a minor or even explore the possibilities of graduate school and it is a great time to speak with employers, too. All of our UGST students are being asked to attend since it is their first semester at UNTD so they can ask faculty questions about their major before they register for Spring 2016 classes.

What can students expect from Major Madness?

            All Academic Majors, from undergraduate and graduate programs will be represented and have their own table. Staff representatives from Advising, Learning Commons, DLIT, Career Services and Student Affairs will be outside during the event to answer any questions. Career Services has invited six or seven employers to attend and be available to visit with the students. Tutoring a la Fresca by the Learning Commons will also be available for students who need Math or Writing tutoring. Distance Learning IT will be assisting any student who have questions about online course or Blackboard Learn. A drawing to win a gift card to the bookstore will be held throughout the event. To register, students will only need to fill out a simple questionnaire available at the entrance of Dal One and Founders Hall.

Who has been instrumental in making this event happen?

            It was a team effort. I came up with the basic idea, but everyone has had a hand in its development. Our team is made up of Rian Wilhite & Francis Serrano from Advising, Paulina Romero from the Learning Commons, and Arthur Lumzy from Career Services. They have all worked hard to put this event together and make it a reality.  

What’s the date, time and location of the event?

            Wednesday, October 7 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. outside in the courtyard between Dal One and Founders Hall.

Who should be contacted if students have questioned about Major Madness?

            They can contact me at my email Katrina.Coakley@untdallas.edu or any of our team members.  

What should a student do after attending Major Madness?

            Students can email faculty if they have any follow-up questions. If they want to change their major, they should contact an advisor. The advisors will be happy to guide them concerning the degree requirements and help determine what courses are necessary for the degree. If they have any questions about a specific major, they should contact the program chair who can give them more specifics about the major.  

Anything else you would like for students to know about Major Madness?

            Faculty and staff are excited to be there! Employers are excited to be there! And we encourage all of our students to attend and learn what the different programs we have to offer and how they impact successful careers.  


- Stephanie Sierra | October 2, 2015