The University of North Texas at Dallas celebrated Veteran’s Day with its second annual Veterans Gala on Nov. 11. The event was held on campus in the library, with a reception in the courtyard and FH 138. 

Jay Hayes, Veterans Success Center Coordinator, created the gala in partnership with Dallas County Community College District to promote community connectedness and support military students throughout the region. There were approximately 175 attendees at the event, and eight students were awarded in recognition for their hard work.

The guest speaker was Commander Nicholas D. Ricco, who stole the show with a memorable, heart-filled and humorous speech.

Student Awards:

Randolph Brewster, UNT Dallas

Winston “Clay” Coffey, North Lake College

Mark A. Kamau, Cedar Valley College

Ixca Munoz, Richland College

Anna Ketron, Mountain View College

Forest Haynes, Brookhaven College

Eddie Johnson, Eastfield College

Octavias Lawson, El Centro College

Congratulations to all of these students and thank you for your service!