UNT Dallas' Public Health Student Association partnered with Children’s Health Saturday, November 5, 2016 to provide car seats and injury prevention tips to families in the Southern Dallas community. The event served 90 children and provided 78 car seats to area families.

The event is one of several car seat events hosted by Children’s Health throughout the year, but was the first held on the UNT Dallas campus. The initiative is especially important in Dallas County, where the difference between safe kids and those who suffer preventable traumatic injuries is often the English language. Parents who are not English literate have a harder time seeking help and proper care for their children. The UNT Dallas student volunteers, several of who are bilingual, were able to step up and provide the necessary translation services. With their help, parents were able to learn how to properly install car seats and better understand car seat safety precautions.

 “We enjoy having UNT Dallas students at our events. They have proven to be extremely helpful – not only to the injury prevention program, but also to the families and children we serve,” said Dr. Marisa Abbe, program manager for Children’s Health. “We look forward to our continued growth together.”

Learn more about The Children’s Health Trust and how to be part of the movement, visit: https://www.childrens.com/keeping-families-healthy/health-wellness/staying-safe/car-seat-program.



Date: November 11, 2016
By: Ashley Johnson, PR/Communication Director, ashley.johnson@untdallas.edu or 972-338-1098