This spring, the University of North Texas System and individual UNT campuses will participate in an Employee Engagement survey developed by Gallup as part of a larger strategy to make the UNT System a better place to work. The survey is one step of a process to help the university understand how employees feel about the workplace. More holistically, the program will focus on how leadership can create a successful work environment for their teams so they can positively affect performance.

The 13-question survey will run from Jan. 23, 2017, to Feb. 3, 2017. Employees will receive an email with a link to the survey, including instructions for how to access and participate in the survey online.

The Employee Engagement campaign is more than simply a survey. It is part of a larger process and campaign to improve the work environment for UNT’s employees and to insure that UNT reaches our goal to become a national leader in employee relations, operational effectiveness and service. The dimensions of employee engagement measured by the survey are critical since they provide insights into the needs of employees and help identify where additional clarity or focus is needed. The data collected provide insights into creating an engaged culture. This short survey is made up of short, simple questions that are stated in such a way that each item can be acted upon and improved at the team level. In addition, leaders and managers can uncover and address broader strategic barriers and patterns within the data.

With Gallup’s help, the UNT System and individual UNT campuses will integrate the results from the survey with other business measurements to truly model the business outcomes that the organization and its shareholders desire. In order to be successful in this initiative, we need your participation. Gallup conducts research using census-based employee participation, meaning that the more employees participate, the more accurate the results. In short, each person’s voice matters in assessing the engagement of the university. Your involvement can drive change and improvement within the university, making it a better working environment for everyone.