students at an 826 workshop

826 will foster a vibrant and encouraging environment for our young, urban Dallas students to explore their passions and creativity, to share their ideas and advocate for their communities, UNT Dallas President Bob Mong says.

Dr. Santos-Hatchett at citizenship graduation

Dr. Sheryl Santos-Hatchett spent a decade helping to build UNT Dallas the School of Education. Now she's the first professor granted emeritus status.

students in computer lab

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, students are advised to attend a university close to home that, like UNT Dallas, can deliver a completely virtual curriculum.

congratulation 2020 graduates

Forced to cancel the traditonal commencement ceremony due to COVID-19, UNT Dallas announces plans to livestream a graduate tribute.

leadership awards

Lewis Giles becomes the first College of Law recipient of this Leadership & Involvement award.

towering view of student center from amphitheater

In this time of crisis, UNT Dallas will not require students to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission.

melawn dineen mowing yard

Melawn Dineen, a graduate student in Public Leadership, is offering free lawn services to anyone who can use a helping hand during the COVID-19 pandemic. A Marine Corps veteran and a highly involved student at UNT Dallas, Dineen seeks to aid faculty, staff members, UNT Dallas police officers, and many others.

nbc news screenshot

On May 31, Dr. Sheryl Santos-Hatchett’s distinguished career as an educator heads into retirement. Dr. Santos-Hatchett served as the founding dean of the School of Education (2010-15) and over the last five years she’s been a professor of Bilingual Education. Because of COVID-19, we are missing out on being around Dr.

greenlight logo

The University of North Texas at Dallas has made GreenLight Credentials’ innovative digital platform available to students, allowing them to take control of their academic records.

arthur lumzy at home office

So much of what Arthur Lumzy does as Director of Career Services is dependent on interpersonal interaction, whether it’s strategizing one-on-one with a student or delivering dozens of employers directly to our students on campus. Arthur’s job fairs are second-to-none.