Each participating department/organization or group will collect cans and then use those collected cans to create a castle in the Courtyard on Tuesday, November 14th at 4pm.  Each team will have an hour to build their castle, so please plan ahead your ideas!  Judging will begin at 5pm and we will announce the winners at 5:30pm that day.  You may use cans and any non-perishable food/hygiene items that your team can collect.  The process of collecting the cans will take place between 11/1-11/14. 

There are no parameters regarding the size of the castle, however, UNT Dallas needs to be incorporated in some way. Your castle will be judged by impartial members of the campus community using judging criteria of creativity, incorporation of UNT Dallas, structure, and overall appearance.

All cans used in the making of the castle will help stock the  UNT Dallas Food Pantry for displaced members of our campus community.  There will be a winner from the Organization category and the Departmental category.  Each winning organization and department will receive a pizza party!

Forms due by 5pm on Monday, November 13th in FH, Suite 200.

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