Order of Business

Items listed here will be considered for inclusion on the Agenda. If you would like to propose an item, fill out this form and submit to facultysenate@untdallas.edu

Proposal Items

12.4.20 1  Propose

  1. The University of North Texas establish an annual evaluation process to encourage Faculty to review the management and leadership performance of academic administrators;
  2. An evaluation instrument for this purpose be designed keeping in mind the mission and vision of the university
  3. The evaluation remain anonymous and constructive in spirit
  4. The composite scores of evaluation are submitted to the UNT System Chancellor and the UNT Board of Regents.

12.4.20 2  Propose the Faculty Senate adopt a submission form to post on the Faculty Senate Website that can be completed and filled out by general faculty members, senators, or executive committee members.  The submission form should be hyperlinked to the UNT Dallas Faculty Senate Rules & Procedures and upon submission, will automatically be emailed to facultysenate@untdallas.edu and filed with the Secretary who will then accept, consecutively number and post the proposal online in the Regular Order of Business on a site where faculty members can view it. 

1.11.21 1 Propose the Faculty Senate nominate members for the Nominations and Elections Committee who will recommend Senators from membership on the Standing Committees, University Committees, Councils and Taskforces, and conduct nomination and election process of faculty to the Faculty Senate.  

2.1.21 1 Propose the Faculty Senate President nominate faculty members (1 per school) to the committee, known formerly as the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, as needed. 

4.9.21 Motion to certify the results of the Faculty Senate Election held March 26 – April 21, 2021, with a total of 73 votes cast. The candidates received the following votes:

· Walt Borges, Associate Professor: Vice-President/President-Elect 65 votes, 8 abstentions

· Parliamentarian/Secretary-Elect – Marco Shappeck, Associate Professor 71 votes, 2 abstentions

5.7.21 The Faculty Senate should seek additional input and participation in administrative allocations of university space. The Faculty Senate should secure multiple representation on any committee discussing or making such allocations. If such decision are being made by a single administrator, then Faculty Senate representatives must be permitted to provide input before space allocations are made.

5.7.21 The Faculty Senate should ask for a joint faculty/ DLIT task force to review the constant reviews and rereviews of online courses.