In order that the powerful phenomenon of the revelation of self-worth, mental expansion, and personal development among students at The University of North Texas at Dallas may be promoted; that opportunity may be provided for leadership training and experience; that an intellectual climate may be promoted for an interchange of ideas and paradigms; and that the world’s future leaders may be thoroughly immersed with a desire for lifelong learning and growth, we dedicate ourselves as servants and comrades of The Lucky By Choice Leadership Alliance. Among us, as contemporaries, membership is a privilege; our duties to each other, our institution of higher learning, and our community are an honor. In the conduct of our affairs; Dedication, Discipline, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect shall be our guiding principles as we transform into the leaders of the future.

The purpose of the Alliance shall be to stimulate the growth of tomorrow's leaders, today. The aim is to expand the capacity of individuals to take on leadership roles in school, community, business, and life; more specifically in the twelve disciplines of 1) Agriculture, 2) Business & Entrepreneurship,      
3) Education, 4) Engineering & Technology, 5) Entertainment, 6) Health & Human Services, 7) Political Science, 8) Pre-Law, 9) Pre-Medical, 10) Real Estate, 11) Science, and 12) Sports Management.

Organization President: 
Keio Gamble
Organization Email: 
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