Jack Allday

Director, Athletics

214.354.0284 | Jack.Allday@untdallas.edu
356, Admin (B1)

Rifeta Badic

Coordinator of Activities & Organizations

972.338.1940 | Rifeta.Badic@untdallas.edu
200A, Founders Hall (B2)

Jamaica Chapple

AVP of Student Access and Success for Student Affairs, Dean of Students

972-338-1775 | Jamaica.Chapple@untdallas.edu
200, Founders Hall (B2)

Whitney Crawford

Career Services Advisor

972.338.1879 | whitney.crawford@untdallas.edu
204, Founders Hall (B2)

Luke Donohoo

Assistant Director of Community Standards, Title IX Coordinator

972-338-1814 | luke.donohoo@untdallas.edu
200C, Founders Hall (B2)

Teresa Espino

972-338-1775 | Teresa.Espino@unt.edu
200, Founders Hall (B2)

Dee Goines, M.ED

Director of Residence Life, Housing and Conference Services

972.338.1776 | Daniel.Goines@untdallas.edu
200, Founders Hall (B2)

Arthur Lumzy

Director of Career Services

972-338-1782 | Arthur.Lumzy@untdallas.edu
FH-246, Founders Hall (B2)

Shanda Riley

972.338.1779 | Shanda.Riley@untdallas.edu
245, Founders Hall (B2)

Marcus Roberson

Assistant Director of Leadership Development & Multicultural Programs

972.338.1778 | Marcus.Roberson@untdallas.edu
200, Founders Hall (B2)

Jennifer Skinner

Assistant Dean of Students for Student Engagement

972.338.1781 | Jennifer.Skinner@untdallas.edu
200E, Founders Hall (B2)

Cynthia "Cindy" Suarez

Assistant Director, Disability Services

972.338.1777 | Cynthia.Suarez@UNTDallas.edu
244, Founders Hall (B2)