Outstanding Trailblazer Nomination

Program Overview: 

The UNT Dallas Outstanding Trailblazer Award program provides recognition to nominated faculty and staff members. Faculty recipients are awarded with a letter of recognition and staff recipients are awarded 8 hours of paid administrative leave as recognition for their outstanding contribution to the University. All staff, faculty, students, administrators, visitors, and alumni may submit nominations for this award at any time. Employees may not nominate themselves. The department head approves the nomination and Human Resources reviews the nomination to ensure that eligibility requirements are met. The total amount of staff paid leave may not exceed one standard workday (8 hours) and the recipient must use the paid leave awarded within twelve (12) months of receiving the award hours. The Outstanding Trailblazer Award leave hours are not eligible for payment upon termination of employment. 

Eligibility Criteria Include the Following: 

Staff and Faculty employees who live out the university's mission and are role models exemplifying our core values. 

o   Diversity: We value our differences, experiences and backgrounds. People are individuals and a great asset to the group.

o   Creativity: We teach, learn, research and support each other and the community in creative ways. We boldly find new ways to approach a problem or issue. We turn new and imaginative ideas into reality.

o   Leadership and Integrity: We lead. We strive to consistently make the right decision for the right reason in every circumstance.

o   Trailblazing: We create better tomorrows. We establish new pathways for building and mentoring tomorrow’s leaders. We exemplify our commitment by helping first generation students completing degrees, with job placements and overall student and life success.

o   Lifelong learning: We are self-motivated to learn and to never stop learning. We know being open to new ideas and information gives us a better understanding of the world around us, which provides us with more and better opportunities and improves the quality of our lives.

• The employee must work for the University for at least six (6) consecutive months prior to the date of nomination. 

• Employee has not received an Outstanding Trailblazer Award in the current fiscal year. 

• Employee’s performance review rating is at a minimum of Proficient/Meets Requirements or above for the previous review cycle. 

• Employee does not have any prior discipline on file in Human Resources within the 12 months prior to the date of nomination. 

Nomination Guidelines: 

Outstanding Trailblazer Award nomination forms are submitted electronically through the link provided on the form. The nomination form is then forwarded to the department or unit head for eligibility review and electronic signature. After approvalHR will provide notification to the employee.