THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING REVISIONS.    We are delighted to welcome Alicia Brossette, MLA, CRA to UNT Dallas.  She will be updating this page. 

These guidelines are intended to identify the respective roles and responsibilities at UNT Dallas with regard to externally sponsored projects.  The guidelines apply to both public and private grants, unless otherwise noted.  They are intended to serve as an overview and are not intended to replace process and procedure documents, which may exist in each of the responsible areas.

UNT Dallas grants management is decentralized.  Those involved in managing grants and their general duties are as follows:

UNT Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED or ORS)-Responsible for overall grants management, compliance, and reporting, both pre and post award.  This responsibility is defined through an intra-system agreement between the two institutions.  See Appendix 1, which describes the grant proposal process at UNT.

UNT Dallas Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Excellence -Responsible for coordinating research, grants, and contracts activities with UNT under the intra-system agreement and aiding all faculty and staff at the university in the pursuit of grants.  This office is the clearinghouse for grants at UNT Dallas and should be informed of all grant related activities.  It also will be a liaison with the UNT Dallas Office of University Advancement and the UNT Dallas Foundation on grants from public and private foundations and with Academic Excellence and Student Success in promoting and facilitating the development of the university’s agenda in research, grants, and contracts, graduate programs, economic development and public engagement.  

UNT Dallas Principal Investigator (PI) and Project  ID owner- Responsible for achieving the grant objectives, complying with all research policies, managing the funds according to sponsor, state, federal, and UNT Dallas guidelines.  In carrying out these duties the PI will rely on support from UNT ORED and UNT Dallas Accounting.

UNT Dallas Accounting- Responsible for supporting and advising the PI on financial  matters and serving as the official point of contact to UNT ORED including general ledger accounting, project  ID set up, establishing indirect cost rates, and other accounting and administrative matters.

UNT Dallas University Advancement- Responsible for supporting the PI in the communications role when submitting proposals to public and private foundations and facilitating communication to the UNT Dallas Foundation, as required.

Grants are to be managed in accordance with the policies in Chapter 13 of the UNTD Policy Manual and Chapter 16 of the UNT Policy Manual.

UNT Dallas Policy 13.001 Use of Human Subjects in Research

UNT Dallas Policy 13.002 Care and Use of Animals in Research

UNT Dallas Policy 13.003 Export Controls

UNT Dallas Policy 13.004 Research Conflict of Interest

UNT Dallas Policy 13.005 Research Misconduct

UNT Dallas Policy 13.006 Sponsored Projects

UNT Policy Sponsored Projects;

UNT Policy Proposal Submission to External Sponsors;

UNT Policy Grants and Contracts Related to Sponsored Projects;

UNT Policy Award Management of Sponsored Projects; and,

UNT Policy Recovery and Distribution of Facilities and Administration Funds

The PI is responsible for informing all parties of proposal submissions and awards.  Further, the PI is expected to have knowledge of, and ensure compliance with, all UNT Dallas policies and related processes and procedures.  For awards, the PI (and Co-PIs, if applicable) must complete mandatory training from UNT ORED before being assigned a project ID and assuming grant awards management responsibilities.  Similarly, personnel on staff with the UNT Dallas Office of Finance and Administration and the Office of University Advancement who have responsibility working with PIs on grants should complete mandatory training from UNT ORED.  Likewise, all new university personnel who will work with PIs on grants will be required to complete this training prior to assuming this role.  Vice Presidents will be responsible for ensuring that all applicable team members involved with grants are adequately trained.  This will enable all involved with research, grants and contracts at UNT Dallas to have the necessary knowledge for grants compliance.

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