The following process outline is a guide for executing research-related contracts.

Purpose:  To establish a contract signature procedure to use when a UNTD contract is received by the Office of Research Services (ORS) at UNT. 

Procedure: Upon receipt of a contract from a UNTD sponsor, ORS will process the contract in the same manner as UNT contracts as follows:


  • ORS is the official business liaison to external sponsors and will handle all negotiations with the Sponsor.
    • A final contract document will be prepared for signature.
  • ORS will provide updates through execution to the Principal Investigator (PI) regarding the status of the agreement.
  • An Office of General Counsel (OGC) routing form will be prepared and signed by the Senior Contracts Manager documenting the level of legal review required according to the document entitled “Criteria for Exemption from Legal Review” which can be found at the following link:
  • When a legal review is required, ORS will complete the negotiation process with the sponsor and then send the contract to OGC for review and signature.   OGC will return the contract to ORS for execution.


  • ORS will forward fully negotiated and processed contracts to UNT Dallas for signature.
  • Signature authority designated and delegated pursuant to UNT System Regents Rule 03.900 will be followed.
  • The transmittal will be electronic by e-mail and will include the following information/attachments:
  • A statement describing the contract to be signed.
  • A statement showing that the contract has been prepared by ORS in accordance with ORS guidelines.
  • A copy of the contract for execution.
  • A statement advising whether the executed contract should be returned to ORS via email, or alternatively, that the contract with original signature should be returned to ORS.
  • A copy of the OGC Review form.
  • The transmittal message sent to the signatory and copied to all parties identified to be recipients/coordinators for UNT Dallas.
  • Upon signature, the contract will be returned to ORS for execution in the same manner as UNT contracts.

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