Proper File Format & Naming Convention

File Format

The UNT Dallas website requires all course syllabi and curriculum vitae files to be converted into PDF format before uploading to your faculty page. Saving a PDF copy from your original Word document can be done using the Save As command and selecting PDF from the format drop down menu. Please click here for the template to be used when creating syllabi.

File Nomenclature

Imposing a standard file nomenclature is not intended to help the person saving the file; rather, it is intended to help the person who must find the file at some point in the future. For the sake of our students, we ask that all UNT Dallas faculty members use the same naming pattern when saving the PDF versions of their course syllabus before uploading. While this may feel like an oppressive nuisance, doing so makes it easier to manage an ever growing number of files. The standard nomenclature we are asking everyone to adopt for the Fall 2013 Semester and beyond is as follows:

Course Code-Section_Professor_Semester

  • Course Code: ACCT-3110 (capitals, no spaces, hyphen between course letter code and numerals)
  • Section: if applicable, separated with hyphen
  • Professor: Last Name Only (capitalized) followed by an underscore
  • Semester: FA13 (FA=Fall; SP=Spring; SU=Summer)(Last two digits of year, no space)

Example: ACCT-3110-090_Smith_FA13.pdf

You are not required to include the course name in the new nomenclature. If you choose to do so, please add it to the end of the name, after the semester code.

NOTE: Only syllabus files for Fall 2014 and beyond need to conform to this standard. Renaming files for previous semesters is not necessary.

This naming scheme provides a number of advantages to UNT Dallas administrators and students. Division administrators can remove faculty members from the directory without removing access to their course files during semesters when they are not teaching. Students will be able to go to and filter the entire list of syllabi by semester, course code, and professor.


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