I’ve spent most of my life as an educator and I have found that it’s not just a job it’s an identity.

I founded the Emerging Teacher Institute at the University of North Texas at Dallas because I believe we need to evolve how we educate, train and mentor those who answer the calling to teach.

When it comes to great teachers, we don’t need to just hope that they find their way… we need to nurture and grow them. We need to encourage them, support them and honor them. And we need to treat our teachers like our future depends on them, because it does.

Our teachers hold our collective future in their hands each day as they teach our children.

As a graduate of the Emerging Teacher Institute, you assume the identity of not just an educator, but also a leader. You become a public servant … just as much as our elected officials, our law enforcement or our armed services. You hold great power to shape our communities … our society … and our future nation. At ETI, we place that responsibility squarely on your shoulders in an empowering, inspiring manner … to help bring out the best in you and, in turn, our future.

The Emerging Teacher Institute at the University of North Texas at Dallas. Smart. Collaborative. Forward thinking. Using education to re-shape our community, and our future.

Thank you,

Dr. John Gasko
Founding Dean, Emerging Teacher Institute
Office:  Building 2, Suite 302
Phone: 972.338.1654
Email: John.Gasko@untdallas.edu

What students are saying

"Most of the jobs I wanted required a master’s degree. Thankfully, I received a great scholarship from UNT Dallas and finished my master's degree in a year."

Juan , Class of 2015

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