At ETI, we believe that practice makes perfect. From start to finish, our teacher candidates are exposed to a range of competency-based instructional techniques, which culminate in a full-year teaching residency with a partner school district. Our full-year residency program allows students to experience the full lifecycle of an academic year in a public school classroom, where you co-teach with a mentor teacher.

Prior to entering clinical formation, candidates are provided with an iPAD and Swivl technology that will serve as the foundation for a deep process of inquiry and reflection. At four time points during their clinical residency, candidates capture video of their instructional delivery and then self-score themselves using an evidence-based rubric developed by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching also known as the TAP rubric. Each candidate is assigned a master mentor/coach that also scores their performance and, together, opportunities to strengthen instructional practice are identified.

Our goal is that graduates of the Emerging Teacher Institute, through multiple opportunities to practice instructional skills and techniques, are clinically forged and ready to help accelerate their students' academic, social, and emotional development on the first day they begin work in local schools.

What students are saying

"Most of the jobs I wanted required a master’s degree. Thankfully, I received a great scholarship from UNT Dallas and finished my master's degree in a year."

Juan , Class of 2015

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