Research shows that social and emotional intelligence not only leads to greater education outcomes, but also leads to higher lifetime achievement, lower crime and greater term physical and mental health.

Emotional and social skills are four times more important than IQ when considering success and prestige in professional settings.

Emotions are the biggest motivator in human actions … yet research shows that only about 36% of the population is able to instantly identify their emotional state.

Emotions guide every decision we make, and they affect our health, our relationships and our financial well-being … so if our public schools are truly preparing our schoolchildren for success in life, then we must teach them key emotional intelligence skills … like self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making.

As we train our future teachers, we must reinforce the importance of both academic and emotional intelligence.

What students are saying

"Most of the jobs I wanted required a master’s degree. Thankfully, I received a great scholarship from UNT Dallas and finished my master's degree in a year."

Juan , Class of 2015

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