Sponsored Project FAQs

When do I have to notify OSP of a proposal that I want to submit?

Please notify OSP (UNTD-Proposals@UNTDallas.edu) at least 10 business days prior to the agency deadline.


What documents do I need to send to OSP to initiate the Proposal Process?

Once OSP receives notification of a proposal submission request, you will be sent a Proposal Checklist to complete.  You will also be asked to send a draft project summary and draft proposal budget.


My proposal has been submitted to the agency.  Now what?

Typically the waiting period for notification of funding or denial of a proposal is 3 – 6 months, however the waiting period will vary depending on the agency.


What trainings do I have to complete?

UNT Dallas requires faculty, staff, and students that engage in sponsored projects regardless of the funding source to complete the RCR and COI training through CITI Program (https://about.citiprogram.org/en/homepage/). There are 15 basic modules for the RCR course and two basic modules for COI that need to be completed for the required trainings. The length of completion time various by individual.

PIs and Co-PIs on sponsored projects are required to completed annual post-award trainings.


Who can be a PI on a sponsored project?

Please see UNT Dallas Policy 13.002 for eligibility requirements to be a PI on a sponsored project.


Who do I call for questions regarding the expenses and invoices associated with my project?

Please contact the Sponsored Projects Accounting Office (UNT-DallasSPA@UNTDallas.edu)


My proposal has been funded.  What are the next steps?

Once OSP receives the official notification of grant/contract, the Sr. Grants and Contracts Analyst (SGCA) will set up the award according to the terms and conditions of the award. If there is an increase or decrease in the awarded budget, the SGCA will work with you to finalize the budget prior to setup in EIS/PeopleSoft System.  Once your award is processed, Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) will notify you by email with the Project ID#/Chart String, which will now allow you to begin allocating expenses.


Am I an authorized official?  Can I sign my award notification?

The Authorized Official for sponsored projects is the Executive Director for the Office of Sponsored Projects.  The Executive Director has been delegated the authority to negotiate and sign grants/contracts for sponsored projects.  If you receive a notice or award or a contract for a sponsored project, please forward the document to the Office of Sponsored Projects for review and processing.  


Am I able to submit my own proposals?

No.  The Office of Sponsored Projects is the administrative office responsible for reviewing and submitting proposals to external sponsors on behalf of UNT Dallas (see UNT Dallas Policy 13.002).


Can I begin working on my project without IRB approval?

No.  You must obtain IRB approval prior to working on a project that requires approval by IRB.  Please reach out to Research Compliance for questions (UNTD-ResearchCompliance@UNTDallas.edu)