UNT Dallas feels like home. The life lessons I’ve gained from my professors and peers at UNT Dallas are priceless.

I always knew I wanted to pursue higher education. My parents emphasized early on that they wanted a better life for me than what they had, and that meant getting a college degree.

I started at Tarrant Community College (TCC) while working full-time in a company’s loss prevention department. I worked hand-in-hand with human resources, which gave me a sense of what I wanted to do professionally. That experience gave me the direction I needed. At 27, I have taken lots of breaks from school and have been indecisive about my pursuit to a career. There were times I wanted to be a teacher or major in psychology. Maintaining my focus on education has been a challenging, but rewarding, experience.

The University of North Texas at Dallas has been a good fit for me. It’s close to home, affordable and has a degree program in organizational behavior and human resources management. UNT Dallas feels like home. It’s small enough for me to know everyone, and build close relationships with faculty. The life lessons I’ve gained from my professors and peers at UNT Dallas are priceless. The wisdom I’ve gained can be shared when I have kids and will allow me to make things easier for them.

It’s also easy to get involved on campus. At community college, I was focused solely on going to class. I can’t remember having a conversation with anyone there.   At UNT Dallas, I’m an officer in the Student Human Resources Management organization. I’ve had opportunities to visit with alumni and benefit from their stories, and work on research projects with area businesses. I also get to work closely with the University’s director of Career Services. Working with him, I hope to secure an internship and eventually a full-time job in human resources.