UNT Dallas has given me plenty of opportunities to develop and grow as a young professional.

I started at Eastfield College in 2007 and received my associate’s degree in General Business. At the time, I was undecided on a major. I transferred to the University of North Texas in Denton and was taking courses at UNT Dallas concurrently. I officially became a UNT Dallas student as UNTD was separating from Denton.

One of my main goals in life is to at least get a Bachelor’s degree. Receiving the associate’s degree was only a stepping stone to my goal.
In addition to being a type A personality, my fiancée has been supportive and encouraged me along the way. My parents, friends, and professors have also been encouraging in getting me to this point. One professor specifically, Dr. Muniz, believes in putting her students’ educational needs first. She challenges, supports and guides them along their educational and career paths. 

When I was younger, I wanted to be involved in student organizations, but lost some of that opportunity in pursuing my associate’s degree. I wasn’t able to participate in anything. Once I arrived at UNT Dallas and enrolled in one of Dr. Muniz’s classes, I learned about the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). I decided to attend one of their meetings that same day and became involved immediately in their field project with Life School.  I got involved where I was most needed and soon found that people were relying on me. Those that participated presented the research findings to the school’s Human Resources professionals, and later to Life School’s executives. That project was so successful that they requested another one and we are in the preliminary stages of development.

After our presentation of our first project, the dean of the School of Business, Dr. Shumway, informed Dr. Muniz about the Region 6 Southwest Conference for business schools in Ada, Oklahoma. Dr. Shumway thought our project would be a great opportunity to show off the success of our project, as it seemed to fit well with the theme of the conference. The University agreed to sponsor our trip. Kelli Strickland, Gwen Pike and I presented the details of our project in front of three judges from other schools and became the only school in Region 6 chosen to present at the National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

UNT Dallas has given me plenty of opportunities to develop and grow as a young professional.  I am confident that I am well prepared to enter the Human Resources field. To me, education is life changing.  If used wisely, the growing experiences along the way, the coursework, and other opportunities will transform any person into a more intelligent, well-rounded professional and an overall good asset to society.

Looking to the future, I would eventually like to work towards my master’s degree. I realize that it is important to set yourself apart to be more marketable. I have a certain level of experience in my mind that I want to be at and to get to that level, I have to go through this process of earning an advanced degree. My plan is to work within the human resources field and gain as much experience as I can, as I like to help create the balance between the people and the organization.   

Despite the perceived slow pace and long road ahead, I’m encouraged to keep going. At times, it can be tedious, rough, and you’ll want to quit. But my advice, from my personal experience is to hang in there. I’m confident that the end results will be greater than I can imagine in different aspects and on all fronts.