From the warm, exhilarating staff to the overall story of the campus, I knew UNT Dallas would be perfect for me. I predicted huge things to come for the school’s future and I just had to be a part!

Marching to His Own Beat

"From the warm, exhilarating staff to the overall story of the campus, I knew UNT Dallas would be the perfect university for me. I predicted huge thing to come for the school’s future and I just had to be a part!"

“When I was younger, I was a follower. Wanting to be part of something, I joined a bad crowd. Then one day, the people I thought were my friends broke into our house. After that experience, I decided to change and focus on school. I started listening to music and self-produced some of my own music. I’ve tried to impress my mom in everything I do, but she tends to hide her emotions in part, I think, to encourage us to become better. My younger sister looks up to me and I push my older sister to be better, too.

I created a non-profit called GEELYFE, to provide kids with an opportunity to be part of something positive. GEELYFE stands for Greatness Evolves Eternally, Let Your Freedoms Explore. You’ll notice I have tattoos and a hairstyle that you might interpret as vulgar or crazy. I used to get judged that way, but I don’t let first impressions of me interfere with my life. That’s partly why I created GEELYFE. I used Gee which sounds like gangster, and spelled Lyfe with a ‘y’ instead of ‘i’ as a rebellious act. I wanted to show others in my community that no matter how you look or talk, or what your hobbies are, you can be successful.

During my senior year in high school, I met Marcus Roberson when he was recruiting for UNT Dallas. At the time I was in the top three of my class and set to go to SMU. Marcus convinced me to apply to UNT Dallas. A few weeks later, I attended True Blue, and applied for a full-ride PLUS Fellows scholarship.

I went to True Blue thinking this school was not for me. The more we walked around the campus, however, the more I started to like the people and the environment. Then we went to the rooftop. I saw all the land UNT Dallas has for its campus. I started picturing students, buildings and a future for UNT Dallas; I wanted to be part of that future. After the PLUS Fellows interview, I decided to attend UNT Dallas – scholarship or not. When I realized I was a finalist, I envisioned how the different programs would work with those who I mentor through GEELYFE.

Pursuing a college degree has helped me encourage others that anything is possible. There are opportunities to make things happen at UNT Dallas that don’t exist at other universities. I hope to work here when I graduate and pursue an MBA. I want to share my success with others so that they can have the same opportunities. I’m proof that no matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from, at UNT Dallas you can become anything you want.”