The Public Leadership program's mission is to 'professionalize your passion to create lasting change.' I’m excited to professionalize my own passion of serving others to create lasting change.

I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning, and I am always eager to learn more. As I was searching the Metroplex for graduate programs, I was looking for a school that offered a program that really spoke to my human truths and also to what I wanted to accomplish in my career and community. The mission and curriculum for the Public Leadership master’s program spoke to who I was as a person and what I see in my future. I’m ready to serve, ready to lead, and ready to create lasting change in my community.

I am currently a Development Specialist at The Salvation Army, a wife a mother of four active children with one on the way. My career goal is simple- I want to serve others in a way that will allow me to push boundaries & implement new innovative methods that aim to create social change both present day and in the future.

The Public Leadership program mission is to “professionalize your passion to create lasting change.” I’m excited to professionalize my passion of serving others to create lasting change. I promise this program was made just for me!

I enjoy the “getting my hands dirty” approach of the Public Leadership program. What I learn in class, I am seeing in real life. A real connection that I can apply in my everyday life; not just stored book sense.

My professors, including the Honorable Michael Williams and Dr. Curtis MacDowell, are brilliant leaders and educators who challenge you to think in such multidisciplinary ways, and yet are so down to earth!

UNT Dallas is a school of diversity. A school for forward-thinkers, for those who see more than the present. The staff, the ambiance of the campus all create an environment that makes you comfortable but you are thoroughly challenged in the classroom. It’s local, it’s southern, friendly and quickly changing. It truly speaks to our city. It’s so Dallas!

Attending UNT Dallas has been a pleasant experience and everything that I expected. I look forward to graduating with totally new skill sets and more refined perception of the world.