UNTD Strategic Plan

2016 — Current

With UNT Dallas’ rapidly growing enrollment, educational offerings and physical campus comes the responsibility to plan our future strategically and responsibly. The UNT Dallas administration, along with its dedicated faculty and staff, established four guiding themes for the strategic plan to ensure the university consistently meets and exceeds its long-range goals. Those themes -- Learning and Discovery; Sustainable Growth; Finances and Resources; Quality Experiences for Lifetime Success; and People and Teamwork --house committees, each charged with establishing specific processes and solutions that align with UNT Dallas’ noble mission and vision:

Theme 1: Learning and Discovery

  1. Aligning our curriculum to the DFW Metroplex market’s needs
  2. Identifying priority/hallmark programs that are relevant, distinctive, and differentiated (including one that will be the best in North Texas)
  3. Recruit and retain outstanding faculty, and create a faculty development program to grow with UNTD
  4. Benchmark with similar aspirational universities nationally, regionally, best in class, and through AASCU peers

Theme 2: Sustainable Growth, Finance, and Resources

  1. Use data strategically to guide better decision making. This includes utilizing data proactively (planning and forecasting); improving the usability and visibility of data among departments with a data dashboard; and implementing a system-wide data warehouse.
  2. Increase philanthropic support though a commitment to ambitious fundraising goals, increased endowments (permanent and quasi), and the University’s first capital campaign
  3. Increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates
    1. Implement study abroad program
    2. Implement intercollegiate athletics
  4. Set targets and benchmarks to keep tuition and fees affordable, and remain the most affordable in the North Texas region
  5. Build an active residential life as well as additional facilities for campus
  6. Develop more meaningful public-private partnerships, and ensure Rapid Response communication with community partners and key stakeholders
  7. Engage alumni by developing a program, tracking database, and by showcasing success stories
  8. Improve management of fiscal resources by improving the University’s financial net position through growth in reserves; maximizing auxiliary revenue sources; creating a process for multi-year budget projections; and by having an active University Budget Advisory Committee
  9. Improve campus-wide Under-the-Hood Projects such as a University-wide calendar, accurate degree audit, and multi-semester registration

Theme 3: Quality Experiences for Lifetime Success

  1. Every student graduates with demonstrated competencies in oral communication, written communication, ethical decision making, teamwork, and critical thinking/analytical abilities
  2. Become a pathway to socioeconomic mobility by becoming a leader in producing graduates who make better-than-expected wages compared to graduates from other in-state institutions
  3. Every student graduates with an experiential learning and service learning component.
  4. Implement UNTD’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) called “Career Readiness Education (CRED)” for SACSCOC from 2018-2024.
  5. Develop expertise in serving under-resourced students and benchmark with best-in-class institutions who have expertise in this including in the areas of advising, career readiness, financial literacy, and childcare services on campus

Theme 4: People and Teamwork

  1. Build a strong culture of shared values with employees who are actively engagedThe University becomes a “Best Place to Work” according to Gallup
  2. The University implements 360 Evaluations for selected administrators, career paths for each employee, manager roundtables, adopts clear job descriptions, hosts networking events, develops service/recognition programs, organizes stay-interviews, and creates HR newsletters
  3. Communications are G.R.E.A.T. (Genuine, Relevant, Effective, And Timely) by building strong brand awareness, and building UNTD’s reputation through strategic and integrated storytelling and an enhanced digital presence
  4. Develop grants and research office team and infrastructure for a developing University
  5. Improve student administrative customer service and support by implementing “Heart of a Leader” training and training incoming employees on customer service
  6. Engage youth by becoming a first choice for Dallas-County Promise students, creating pre-collegiate design academies for K-12 districts, and continuing Upward Bound and Trio Programs
  7. Establish a culture of accountability and assessment for educational programs (including general education), administrative offices, and student-support services
  8. Establish traditions for students including UNTD Serves, the Honor Code and Ring Ceremony, Freshman Convocation, Cub Camp, Freshman Leadership Retreat, Welcome Week, Trailblazer 360, Trailblazers Got Talent, Campus Awards, Spring Fling, and a Weekly Spirit Day. Measure each tradition to assess quality.

To track our progress in reaching our Strategic Planning goals, please refer to the following documents below:

Pathways to the Future Report