UNTD Strategic Plan

FY 2021 Strategic Plan


Goal 1: Adapt to COVID-19/emerge stronger

  1. Help community respond by reducing food insecurity and expanding mental health services
  2. Contribute to bold Dallas Thrives to raise living wage in Dallas County
  3. Increase visibility of UNTD certifications and micro-credentials Career Readiness Education (QEP)
  4. Successfully implement 3rd year of Career Ready Education QEP

Goal 2: Increase student access and success

  1. Increase enrollment, retention and graduation
  2. Build student support services
  3. Get feedback from alumni; apply what we learned

Goal 3: Make the most of the 87th Legislature

  1. Rescind the rider that cut 25% of expansion funding as a developing university to be begin the 22-23 biennium
  2. Tuition Revenue Bond for UNT Dallas Science Building
  3. Funding for Trailblazer Elite program
  4. Funding for new Center for Socioeconomic Mobility through Education

Goal 4: Take care of our students and employees

  1. Step up student interface with advising, counseling, tutoring, experiential learning, and academics
  2. Continue to refine daily communication with students, faculty, and staff
  3. Maximize Trailblazer Elite program
  4. Chart expansion of federal work study jobs and launch Texas Work Study
  5. Increase student internships
  6. Implement and market multi-semester registrations
  7. Turn Historic Tax Credits into a large endowment ($10.8 million)
  8. Soft launch Sparkpoint wraparound programs
  9. Promote student success in student athletes (Athletics and Esports)
  10. Ensure wellness and well-being options for and development of students and employees through usage of Thirdspace and the Collaborative for Wellness and Wellbeing
  11. Work in harmony to meet enrollment goals and solve problems through the Enrollment, Planning, and Process Committee (EPPC)
  12. Revise Remote Working and Flexible Work Schedule policy (5.044)
  13. Develop an action plan to track and retain employees (rated 3,4, 5)
  14. Increase engagement and recognition through townhall meetings
  15. Hire for Mission by promoting mission and values through job advertising and the hiring process
  16. Launch “new” leadership program by January 1st 
  17. Launch career development plan
  18. Launch diversity, equity and inclusion taskforce

Goal 5: Maintain healthy balance sheet

  1. Stay in the black by using monthly reporting and analysis to monitor and reduce spending
  2. Continue monthly flash report and communicate results
  3. Increase grants by working with faculty/ staff to submit new proposals
  4. Cultivate philanthropy and steward current donors
  5. Reimagine 10th anniversary that was disrupted by pandemic

Goal 6: Make the most of our best community partnerships

  1. Become the visible symbol of police reform in Dallas and North Texas through the Caruth Police Institute/ Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute partnership
  2. Increase partnership with Dallas ISD
  3. Become a Socioeconomic Mobility Thought/Action Leader

To track our progress in reaching our Strategic Planning goals, please refer to the following documents below:

Pathways to the Future Report