The University of North Texas at Dallas Veterans Success Center is a hub that provides multi-faceted support to student veterans and their dependents. The center is committed to assisting students in completing the admission and enrollment process, degree plan selection, course registration, and utilization of their V.A. benefits. UNT Dallas recognizes the significant value that student veterans bring to our campus and we are committed to ensure that you receive the best possible educational experience. In addition, our Success Center provides various amenities including computer/internet access, printing, and a study area. Our Center is committed to providing students with the tools needed to make informed decisions.


  • Provides a safe space for veterans to share their military experiences
  • Place to connect with the Veteran Community
  • Promotes Social Engagement
  • Promotes academic success
  • Provides tutoring services
  • Promotes Leadership and Community Service
  • Provides information about services both on campus and in the community
  • Promotes peer support through our Veterans Peer mentor program
  • Provides work study opportunities and assist with internships through Career Services
  • Access to Veteran Resources and Materials through the networks established by the Student Veterans Association (SVA) and UNTD  

Veterans Success Center Learning Outcomes

The Veteran Success Center staff has identified the following Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s) for the various services provided to student veterans and their families:

SLO 1: Students will understand the importance of co-curricular programs for supporting and promoting their educational and life goals.

SLO 2: Students will understand how to access their Educational Benefits. Students will also become familiar with other websites associated with veteran benefits.

SLO 3: Student veterans will be able to identify resources provided by faculty and staff across the campus to assist them in their transition to student life.

SLO 4: Students will understand and navigate the processes that lead to successful transfer, if applicable.


Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) may be assessed through the following methods:

  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Meetings
  • Review of collected data, and
  • Other methods

For any questions please contact:  

The Veterans Success Center - Ms. Marijke Gray, Marijke.Gray@untdallas.edu , 972.338.1786

Veterans and Hazelwood Certifications - Ms. Chelsea Shumaker, Chelsea.Shumaker@untdallas.edu , 972-338-1770