UNT Dallas Writing Center Mission

UNT Dallas strives to empower its students, transform their lives, and strengthen both the student body and the community surrounding the university. Furthermore, "through education and community connectedness, UNT Dallas aspires to be the pathway to social mobility." Through respect, collaboration, and unity, the university pledges to be a leading source to mentor students and instill "critical thinking and marketable skills" in every student. 

 As a university that is composed of a diverse population, and as part of the academic success team dedicated to improving our students’ oral and written communication skills, we respect and celebrate language diversity and growth. Our goal is to foster an environment in which students’ learning differences are respected and addressed and where students are encouraged to explore their diverse voices and use them as a tool for their success. We embrace the university’s diversity initiatives and continually assess our progress to maintain accountability to and recognition of our university community. 

UNT Dallas Writing Center Mission Statement 

Our mission is to support, promote, and enhance the writing and public speaking of graduate and undergraduate students across the university by:

  • Providing students with one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions;
  • Developing resources such as handouts, workshops, and online information on writing and speaking;
  • Working with faculty, staff, and administration to create a supportive university-wide partnership to enhance the overall college and academic experience of our students; 
  • Encouraging students to develop a culture in which writing and communication are seen as an integral part of every discipline, and aiding in the promotion of campus learning initiatives. 

Writing Center Learning Outcomes

The UNT Dallas Writing Center encourages students to to explore ideas, discover meaning, and communicate with varied audiences. We hope that students will accomplish four things as they frequent our center: (1) immerse themselves and become comfortable with the process of writing; (2) experience a positive attitude towards writing and communication; (3) improve their overall writing and communications skills; and (4) enhance their communication skills through conferencing and collaborative learning. 


Our Approach

Learner-centered education means supporting students in developing the confidence and skills they need to communicate effectively and to proofread and edit their own work, two crucial skills at college, in the workplace, and beyond. We would never deprive our students of the rich educational experience of editing their own drafts, so we are not a paper-drop off service or a proofreading-editing service. Instead, we offer holistic feedback on student writing and provide targeted tutorials on the 2-3 revisions that would go furthest in improving the draft. Writing, like the development of any skill, is a process: a student will have the best chance of leaving the writing center with a perfectly polished paper if he/she has polished many other drafts first. So come early, and come often!