Tyeshia, Class of 2018
Public Leadership

"The Public Leadership program's mission is to 'professionalize your passion to create lasting change.' I’m excited to professionalize my own passion of serving others to create lasting change."

Jonathan, Class of 2018
Criminal Justice Department

"At UNT Dallas, I’m no longer the quiet guy who gets good grades but sticks to himself. I’m involved on campus, and working toward a career in criminal justice."

Berenice, Class of 2017
School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

"UNT Dallas has become my pathway from community college to nursing school after graduation. "

Everardo, Class of 2019
School of Business

"UNT Dallas is an awesome school. It’s a place helping me bridge the gap between my career goals and the college degree I need to get there."

Juan , Class of 2015
School of Education

"Most of the jobs I wanted required a master’s degree. Thankfully, I received a great scholarship from UNT Dallas and finished my master's degree in a year."

Juana, Class of 2015
School of Business

"UNT Dallas students are serious about finishing their degrees, and finding great jobs. We bring each other up. We’re a family. When one of us does well, it inspires the rest of us to do even better."

Ricky, Class of 2016
School of Education

"Thanks to my experience in UNT Dallas’ excellent teacher preparation program, I hope to reach students at the beginning of their education as a kindergarten teacher."

Olympia, Class of 2018
School of Education

"I love UNT Dallas. My professors know me by name and ask how my classes are coming along. It’s a family, and I really like it."

Ed , Class of 2017
Sociology and Psychology

"At UNT Dallas, I found a support system of faculty, staff, students, and fellow veterans who have eased my transition into college life. "

Edgar, Class of 2017
School of Business

"UNT Dallas feels like home. The life lessons I’ve gained from my professors and peers at UNT Dallas are priceless. "

Tramese, Class of 2017
School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

"Attending UNT Dallas has broadened my perspective toward police work. This program is equipping me with the scholastic tools I need to better serve the community in which I grew up."

Ruhama, Class of 2018
School of Human Services

"I love UNT Dallas and the people here. The university is filled with genuine people that care about your future and make sure you are on the right path."

Michelle, Class of 2015
School of Business

"UNT Dallas has given me plenty of opportunities to develop and grow as a young professional."

Jorge, Class of 2018
School of Business

"Pursuing a degree at UNT Dallas has made me think about the future more than I have in my entire life."

Jennifer, Class of 2018
School of Business

"When I visited UNT Dallas for the interview, I fell in love with the school. A week later, my counselor told me I received a scholarship! "

Cameron, Class of 2018
Criminal Justice Department

"My aunt told me about UNT Dallas. It had everything I wanted in a college. It was a place where I would be more than a number; people would know me by name."

Nayelli, Class of 2018
Teacher Education and Administration

" I love this campus. It’s friendly and inviting, the class size is small, and everyone seems willing to help, even the professors."

TJ, Class of 2018
School of Business

"From the warm, exhilarating staff to the overall story of the campus, I knew UNT Dallas would be perfect for me. I predicted huge things to come for the school’s future and I just had to be a part!"