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This program takes the different dimensions a leader would need, and puts them all into one.

—Catrina Shead, CPI graduate


The Caruth Police Institute represents a unique partnership between philanthropy, policing, and academia. Our staff has been housed at the Dallas Police Department for the past 9 years, where we have an exclusive perspective on police leadership that’s filtered through an evidence-based lens. Many of the graduates from our leadership courses have gone on to command staff positions, both at DPD and in other agencies across North Texas. Our classes teach leaders (and future leaders) to think differently about leadership, about policing’s role in society, about ways to strengthen police-community relations, and about the ways that research and evidence can inform public safety policy.  

Our courses focus not on tactical concerns, but on the trends and philosophies that inform the best leaders in policing. We believe that leadership is about more than managing people and crises: it’s about inspiring, learning, creating, and—most importantly--leaving lasting legacies in the organizations and communities you serve. 


CPI Perspectives

Leadership Branding for Police Executives

One of the most useful exercises that CPI does with the police leaders in our programs is the personal branding module. We've found over the years that identifying a personal brand, something... Read more »

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A wide body of research has demonstrated that police officers are profoundly affected by their exposure to violence and the traumatic events viewed commonly as part of their job duties. Faced with stress, officers learn to adapt by incorporating coping techniques.