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The Caruth Police Institute (CPI) was created by a primary partnership between the Dallas Police Department and the University of North Texas at Dallas in 2008. The University of North Texas System and the main campus of the University of North Texas at Denton provided support, and an affiliated relationship with the University of Texas at Dallas, which offers a doctoral program in criminology as well as assistance with research projects, is maintained.

CPI was funded with an inital grant of $9.5 million from the Communities Foundation of Texas, and focuses on fulfilling the complex research, career advancement, and leadership development needs of the Dallas Police Department. This puts the Dallas Police Department in the unique position of being a national resource for innovative strategies in policing. This venture signifies a bold new relationship between academia and major police departments characterized by cutting-edge research, education, and professional development services.

Upcoming Classes

Civilian Series

This 10-day program is specifically geared toward non-sworn or civilian supervisors who work in a law enforcement or criminal justice environment.  Course content will include material in the... Learn more »

Field Officer Training Series

This 10-day program is specifically geared toward officers whose job it is to train new police officers.  This program seeks to introduce participants to teaching techniques specifically for... Learn more »

Advanced Leadership Series

This 15-day program is specifically geared toward lieutenants.  This program seeks to emphasize the importance of leadership in an individual and organizational context.  Course content... Learn more »

CPI Perspectives

Leadership Branding for Police Executives

One of the most useful exercises that CPI does with the police leaders in our programs is the personal branding module. We've found over the years that identifying a personal brand, something... Read more »

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