The UNT Dallas Registrar is responsible for coordinating and posting registration schedules, class schedules, academic calendars, and managing the UNT Dallas Course Catalog.

Letter from the Registrar:


Dear UNT Dallas students,

We have some great news for you!

Beginning September 2016, the University of North Texas at Dallas has partnered with Credentials Inc. to offer online transcript ordering services. Current and former students may order transcripts 24/7 through this encrypted and secure process.

  • Select the electronic transcript option to send your official record to any receiver with a valid email address!
  • Receive real-time updates via email or text as your document reaches its destination in moments!
  • Upload documents to accompany your official transcript through the TranscriptsPlus interface.
  • Even select the mail option if your intended recipient requires a hard copy of your transcript.

This method is fast, secure and the most reliable way to order an official transcript.

This service has a charge of $2.35 per transcript ordered which goes to the vendor for processing fees.

Beginning September 2016, all requests will be made online or in person at a kiosk.

The most efficient way to order a transcript is to log in to

Click on the "Request Official Transcript" button on the left hand side menu under "Academic Records". This links to a secure connection to the Transcripts Plus System hosted by Credentials Inc. and your student information will automatically carry over for you. This website will also have information and an FAQ on the transcript ordering process.

Former Students/Alumni who do not have a log in to

You may order a transcript online by accessing the TranscriptsPlus link.

TranscriptsPlus system (Credentials System) UNT Dallas Order Form

Please contact for additional information.

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