Spanish in the Community - US Citizenship Preparation Course

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Spanish 4350, Spanish in the Community was developed as a service-learning course to promote and develop the relationship between the University of North Texas at Dallas and the surrounding Spanish-speaking community. Spanish 4350 promotes social justice by providing a pathway for UNT Dallas students studying Spanish to apply their communication skills in order to assist members of the Spanish-speaking community to achieve their educational, economic, and/or social aspirations. 

Spanish in the Community is a citizenship preparation course geared toward helping Spanish-speaking U.S. residents achieve their dream.

* All instruction and materials are free of charge for community participants.

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Benefits of Participation in the Citizenship Course

For UNT Dallas students

For Community Participants

When does the next Citizenship Course start?


  • Registration: January 22 - February 06, 2024
  • Orientation in-person: February 06, 2024, 6:30pm
  • USCIS Citizenship Workshop: February 08, 6:30pm
  • Classes Begin: February 13, 2024, 7:00pm


History of the Class

Spanish 4350, Spanish in the Community was piloted as a service-learning in the Spring of 2017 by Dr. Mara Queiroz Vaughn, current USCIS Citizenship Ambassador, and Dr. Sheryl Santos-Hatchett in partnership with Rey de los Santos, Executive Director of the Dallas League of United Latin American Citizens National Education Service Center (LULAC – LNESC) at their Edgefield location. The objective of the US Citizenship Course was to help adult Spanish -speakers to learn the history, geography, culture and government system of the United States. The purpose of the developed partnership was to help the members of the community with limited-English proficiency prepare for the citizenship exam, administered by the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).
Spanish in the Community has a unique structure. Each class meeting offers  whole class instruction by a professor followed by break- out groups led by teams of UNT Dallas enrolled students. Due to the overwhelming success of the pilot semester, the course was moved to campus  in Fall, 2017 to provide space for more participants. 

Currently, the course counts with the support of the following partners:

The course continues to be held free of charge to aspiring Spanish-speaking U.S. resident community members at the UNT Dallas Campus.

In the Spring, 2023, the course will be held in-person. In addition to citizenship preparation, community participants enrolled in the Citizenship Preparation Program are also granted legal advice, as well as educational opportunities to improve their English skills, to obtain a high school equivalency diploma, and to pursue a vocational career of their choice.  As always, all services are free, provided by UNT Dallas partners.