The Parking Office manages general, visitor and event parking.

Before choosing the "purchase parking permit online" button you will need the following information in order to complete your purchase: Vehicle year, make, model, color and state license plate number.

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General Information

All UNT Dallas students must have a current parking permit to park their car on campus, however, a limited number of meters are available which do not require a permit. Visitors will be allowed to park free of charge on (two) separate occasions. All subsequent visits will require a visitor to purchase a guest permit.  Parking rules and regulations will be enforced.

UNTD faculty, staff, and students are responsible for family members and guests who park on campus and receive citations. We value all of our guests at UNTD and want to make sure they are informed about parking options. The Parking Services will communicate with the campus community when parking lots or areas are closed or any adjustments are made for construction or special events

Parking on Campus

Here are some useful tips regarding approved parking locations and purchasing parking permits for both UNT Dallas employees and guests.


All Faculty, Staff, Students, Non-UNTD Employees and Visitors are required to have some form of parking permit as listed below:

  • Faculty/Staff Permit: This permit is for faculty/staff and non-UNTD employees working on campus in support of UNTD operations. ($110.00 per fiscal year)
  • Annual General Permit: This permit is for students, adjuncts and non-UNTD employees working on campus in support of UNTD operations. ($110.00 per fiscal year)
  • General Semester Permit: This permit is for students, adjuncts and non-UNTD employees working on campus in support of UNTD operations. ($60.00 per semester)
  • Motorcycles, Motorbikes and Motor Scooters: These vehicles are required to park only in areas designated specifically for these vehicles. (No permit required)
  • Temporary Permits: These permits are available for a period of time not to exceed two weeks and may be issued by the university Parking Services.
    • A charge of $4.00 (one day), $15.00 (one week) or $25.00 for (two weeks) fees is assessed for students, faculty, and staff members who have purchased or been issued a valid parking permit for the current semester. (For vehicles driven without a permit)
    • A charge of $20.00 (one week) or $35.00 (two weeks) or $5.00 (one day) fee is assessed for person who do not currently hold a valid parking permit.


If you have a permit, you can park in any non-metered spot in Lot 1 (in front of Building One) or Lot 2 (in front of Founder’s Hall).

You may not park in the following areas:

  • Loading Dock Area
  • Fire Lanes


Please remember parking meters are for limited amounts of time. If you need to stay on campus longer than expected, please pay for the extra time prior to the meter expiring. If time expires, your vehicle is subject to be cited ($20.00 fee).


Guests and visitors to the campus are defined as anyone who is not enrolled in classes or works for the university, and who is NOT otherwise affiliated with the university in any way.

Visitors are encouraged to park in the spaces designated “Visitor Parking Permit Required.”  A visitors parking permit may be obtained from the UNTD Police Office located in suite #131 of Founder's Hall.

Visitors are limited to two free (daily) permits per school year. Subsequent permits are sold in Parking Services or online for $5.00 per day.

Online Printable Permit for visitors: Click Here to Create a Guest account and purchase a daily permit. Print and display the permit on your dashboard.