Esports Takes Home Two Championships

April 19, 2023

The world of esports continues to grow at an incredible pace, with more and more universities and colleges recognizing its value as a competitive sport. This week, UNT Dallas Esports made school history by winning not one, but two NACE division championships in Call of Duty and Overwatch.


UNT Dallas Overwatch Esports Team


In the Call of Duty championship, the Trailblazers faced off against Neumont College. Their decisive victory was the capstone to an undefeated season record.


UNT Dallas Overwatch Esports Team


Despite the tough competition, the Overwatch team victory over St. Ambrose University was similarly impressive, with the Trailblazers dominating their opponents and emerging as clear winners. The Overwatch match was the first esports event with an in-person audience watching the players live on stage.


player reaction after victory

Overwatch Team Captain Christian Walsh realizes the team has won the Championship.  

This double victory is a significant achievement for UNT Dallas, and it highlights the growing importance of esports in the world of collegiate athletics. Esports has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many universities like UNT Dallas investing in dedicated gaming facilities and scholarships. It offers a unique opportunity for students to compete in a sport they are passionate about while also developing valuable skills such as teamwork, strategic thinking and problem-solving. 

The UNT Dallas esports team was established in 2019 and has quickly become a formidable force in the competitive gaming scene. The team's success in both Call of Duty and Overwatch is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Overwatch 2 Roster

Brian "skp" Valero
Christian "SoftAnarchist" Walsh 
Brett "Dez" Boleman 
Pierce "DirtyDallas" Anderson 
Cesar "Cloudi" Flores
Bilal "Dragon" Wahocho
Alexis "Moondaysss" Adame

Call of Duty Roster

Roy “Royal” Escobedo
Brett “Dez” Boleman 
Jonathan “Spydiii” Suarez
Johnathan  “JohnnyFantaz” Hernandez 
Arushi “Taco” Patel
Daylon “Luda” Todd

You can view match livestreams and replays on the Trailblazer Esports Twitch Channel.

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