Alex Colvin

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Assoc Professor

Counseling & Human Services

Alex D. Colvin is an Associate Professor and Chair of Undergraduate programs within the School of Behavioral Health and Human Services at the University of North Texas at Dallas. His areas of interest in research include Technology Integration in Social Work Education and Practice, Developing Pre-College Programs for Foster Youth, Challenges for Families of Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health Issues among College Students, Culturally Competent Social Work Practice, and Social Work Practices with Minorities.  

He has published over 30 peer-reviewed scholarly papers and has presented at over 50 state, national, and international conferences in areas such as Technology Integration in Social Work Practice and Education, Pre-College Programs and Mental Health Issues among Foster Youth, Culturally Responsive Social Work Practice with African Americans as well as Best Practices in Implementing Collaboratives between the Social Work Profession and the African American Church among others.