Shikhar Acharya


Asst Professor

School of Business Faculty

Shikhar Acharya is working as Assistant Professor of Business Analytics at the University of North Texas at Dallas. His research focuses on the detection of malicious devices, utilizing machine learning algorithms and statistical modeling techniques. He is also interested in the application of data science in increasing organizational efficiency. With a strong interest in data science and its applications to organizational efficiency, he has published his work in peer-reviewed journals and presented at various conferences and forums. 

He has already taught 10 different courses during his short tenure at UNT Dallas. Amongst the courses he teaches, he designed new courses such as Spreadsheet Data Analysis and Applied Business Analytics and significantly improved and modified existing courses such as Predictive Modeling, Data Analytics Programming, Fundamentals of Business Analytics, and Visual Display of Business Information. 

Recently, he was awarded a grant from The Center for Socioeconomic Mobility Through Education (CSME) for the proposal ‘A Comparative Socioeconomic Analysis of Surrounding Area of UNT Dallas Community’. 

He has a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Missouri University at Science and Technology. His undergraduate is in Computer Engineering, and he also holds an MBA in finance. For more information on him, please visit his faculty spotlight at