Yonas Lemma




Yonas is a lecturer of decision sciences in the school of business. Yonas works mainly for business analytics program and also teaches classes for finance and economics program as directed by the program coordinators of the two programs. Yonas has more than 10 years teaching experience.He started working at collin college in 2013 teaching many courses in Mathematics and Economics departments. He then started working at Dallas college teaching for Mathematics and Econonics departments. In 2018, he joined UNT Dallas where he believes changed his life for good.  Yonas has a Bachelor's of science degree in Econonics, Master's of science in Economics and another masters of science degree in Mathematical sciences(speicialized in statistics), all from UT Dallas. Thanks to the good professional development and learning situation created at UNT sytem in general, yonas is currently working on his PhD.His research interests are Machine learning, Artificial Intellegince,Business intelligence, Virtual and augmented reality. Yonas also has experience of teaching 20 diffrent course in Business analytics, Mathematics and Economics.