Jaime Ramos


Asst Professor

School of Business Faculty

Former Director of Business Statistics at Indian University Department of Statistics (Service length:  2 years. Time at IU: 6 years). Among other duties and responsibilities: the coordination of resources allocated to service classes, and the development of material and assessments to be used across multiple sections (for example Fall 2021- Spring 2022, we serve around 1,500 students (in 15 sections of 100 students each). Before joining IU, Dr. Ramos was a Visinting Assitant Professor in the Department of Statsitcs in the College of Arts and Sciences at the Ohio State University for 2 years.
Dr. Ramos earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Statistics at Rice University and his undergraduate degree in applied mathematics from the University of Texas at El Paso. 
His journey from applied mathematics, to statistics and its business application has brought him to the Business Analytics program at UNT Dallas. Dr. Ramos is always enthusiastic to share his professional and personal experiences to his classes to motive our community.