Priya Iyer Eimerbrink


Assoc Professor


Dr. Priya Eimerbrink is currently an Associate Professor of Sociology and Psychology at the University of North Texas at Dallas.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Neuroscience at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  She furthered her education at the University of Texas at Arlington, in Arlington, TX where she earned both her Master of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy degrees in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in adolescent development. Dr. Eimerbrink then moved on to complete a Postdoctoral stint at Indiana University School of Medicine, in Indianapolis, IN where she studied genetic predispositions to developing alcohol dependence.

Her current research interest focuses on why some children may be more adversely affected by peer victimization than are other children. Her program of research takes a multidisciplinary approach and is founded on the framework that peer victimization is a stressful life event capable of detrimentally altering an individual’s biological functioning and mental health.