Gabe Otteson



Communication & Digital Media

Originally from Tucson, AZ, Gabe Otteson (“Professor O”) is a Lecturer in the Communication and Digital Media program. He teaches courses in digital production, media storytelling, announcing, and visual communication, among others.

Professor Otteson earned a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Media and Film, along with a Media Production Certification from Northern Arizona University in 2008, and a Master of Arts in Radio, TV, and Film from the University of North Texas in 2013.  

Throughout his career he worked in radio as a DJ and creative services producer and behind the scenes at student run TV news stations at two universities. Professor Otteson studied Spanish language media in the United States, sports fandom and social networks, and taught 3D printing and design at the middle/high school level before transitioning into teaching in higher education in 2015. 

Outside of campus, he serves on the Executive Committee of the Texas Association of Broadcast Educators, and is an active member of the Broadcast Education Association.