Kelly Varga


Assoc Professor

Natural Sciences

Dr. Kelly Varga joined the UNT Dallas team as in the fall of 2015. Her Ph.D. and background is in the field of Biological Sciences with a specialty in Neuroscience. Through the use of electrophysiological techniques, Dr. Varga was able to study how calcium signaling is mediated during vesicle recycling at the neuronal synapse- an important piece of machinery which allows neurons inside of the brain to work properly. While she has worked outside of academia in the research sector for two years in between undergraduate and graduate school in a Human Genomics Lab, Dr. Varga always knew that being inside the classroom and discovering side-by-side with students was exactly where she was meant to be. 

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Varga participates in numerous other activities on campus including:  serving as the the Excutive Director of the Community Basket Mobile Farmers Market; a program aimed at addressing food insecurity in the southern Dallas community through student engagement, education, and collaborative community partnership. Additionally, Dr. Varga serves as the advisor for Delta Beta Delta, the Tri Beta National Biological Honors Society Chapter at UNTD. She is passionate about actively encouraging students to participate with her in volunteer work within the surrounding communities.