August 19, 2020

To launch its national Blockchain Innovation Challenge that calls on teams to design the new infrastructure for the future of education and employment, the American Council on Education created a video that spotlights UNT Dallas as an example of a blockchain technology success story. The Blockchain Innovation Challenge asks: How might blockchain be designed to increase access, provide opportunity and promote success for all learners?

At the 1:43 mark of the video, the narrator evokes UNT Dallas and its blockchain partners:

“As an example of an ecosystem-first approach, Dallas College, the University of North Texas at Dallas and several Dallas-area K-12 school districts created a blockchain network to help students transition between schools or between school and the workforce. Blockchain enabled students to have control over their learning records which made it easier for them to enroll in college or apply for jobs. The ecosystem included K-12 public schools, employers, colleges, food banks, and workforce development and public transportation agencies.”

UNT Dallas recently became the first four-year university in the nation to make the blockchain technology GreenLight platform available to students. GreenLight allows students to store and share their transcripts, along with other verified records, with anyone, anywhere in the world without the traditional hassles and wait time associated with requesting transcripts. By providing secure, simple, instant validation of official records, GreenLight reduces barriers for college and employment.

"GreenLight puts the power directly in the hands of our students," UNT Dallas President Bob Mong said. "Students are now just a click away from instantly accessing their transcripts around the clock. We are proud to be the first four-year university in the nation to partner with GreenLight. We also thank the American Council on Education for recognizing our innovative blockchain network partnership with Dallas College and our area K-12 schools."

The national shoutout is another example that UNT Dallas is always seeking innovative ways to close the gap in the educational disparity that exists in Dallas, and create pathways to socioeconomic mobility for its students.