May 07, 2020
arthur lumzy at home office

So much of what Arthur Lumzy does as Director of Career Services is dependent on interpersonal interaction, whether it’s strategizing one-on-one with a student or delivering dozens of employers directly to our students on campus. Arthur’s job fairs are second-to-none.

Obviously, COVID-19 has put a stop to all of that. It hasn’t stopped Arthur from keeping the department as vital as ever as the ongoing crisis creates mounting uncertainty for students seeking employment after graduation.

Forward-thinking has made the transition to operating remotely smoother for the Office of Career Services. It started incorporating virtual offerings such as student appointments and programming prior to COVID-19, including livestreaming workshops on Facebook and Instagram. Each week, Career Services offers a number of free webinars, virtual job fairs and training sessions. Those can be viewed each Monday in the Weekly Campus Bulletin.

Q: How have students responded to the virtual webinar sessions?

A: Overall, I would say positively. We have taken advantage of new partnerships while leveraging technology (HandshakeInstagram and Zoom) to help our students and alumni discover new pathways and gain relevant information for skills-building.

Q: How has the crisis affected students, particularly seniors, who might be concerned about finding a job in this environment?

A: Anxiety is high, but we try to remind students that they are not in this alone, and that we are here to help.

Q: What advice is Career Services providing students and recent graduates?

A: We want to instill confidence by advising real solutions that can better position them for employment. That includes steps like considering certificates/certifications/licenses that can increase marketability; tailoring job searches related to interest and skills; updating marketing credentials such as resume, cover letter, portfolio and social media accounts; networking virtually by joining professional groups on Facebook and LinkedIn; attending virtual hiring events and scheduling Informational interviews; taking advantage of UNT Dallas’ free resources; being flexible with your career path; not discounting gig work, micro-projects or part-time work that can lead to future opportunities; and practicing patience and staying healthy.