April 09, 2020
ashley correa at home

Ashley Correa approached Spring 2020 with unbridled eagerness. After all, she was bearing down on her final semester before graduating and she was looking forward to being on campus with her classmates and friends. Of course, the COVID-19 crisis has changed everything, and forced all of us into virtual classroom and work situations at home. Still, Ashley is making the most of it, and remains excited to graduate in May – even though she’ll have to wait a bit longer to walk across the stage.

Q: How have you handled all of the adjustments caused by the crisis? 

A: We are currently in a situation we have no control over, but we must make the best out of it.

Q: What is most difficult about not being on campus for the remainder of the semester?

A: I am sad that I cannot attend campus activities, but extremely thankful that UNT Dallas has made accommodations so that I can still graduate this semester.

Q: Has your transition to virtual learning gone smoothly?

A: The transition has been very smooth and teachers are cooperating. Professors are still providing us with the materials we would have received in class. Nothing has changed, only our learning location. I would like to thank everyone at UNT Dallas for everything they have done during these trying times. I want to thank everyone from President Mong to the all the faculty and staff for making sure students are safe and their learning continues.