April 23, 2020
anthony and toni minter and family

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our world and managed to cram all of our responsibilities and priorities under one roof. With schools and businesses closed, parents are balancing full workloads while simultaneously parenting and homeschooling children. It can all feel like a daunting task. 

Some families have successfully embraced the challenges and have found ways to make it all work. The Minters – Toni Minter, UNT Dallas housing services coordinator, husband Anthony, UNT System Deputy Chief Communications Officer (and former UNT Dallas marketing and communications colleague), and son Monty are part of a growing family. Toni and Anthony are making the adjustment to working from home and as parents to two newly-adopted girls, Kori and Jaya, who are in the third and fourth grades.

“During the first weeks of home school, we realized our daughters loved structure and liked to know what they would be doing from day-to-day,” Toni says. “We made a colorful schedule that would outline their day. This included morning yoga/exercise/walking the dogs, chores and school time. We made sure to include breaks in between the lessons for them to play and also for us -- the parents -- to complete tasks as well as take a break. Anthony and I have learned to rely on each other more and know when we need to ask the other for help. Our most important lesson is to make time for each other in addition to the family.”

“Working from home under normal circumstances can be challenging,” Toni says. “Throw in a spouse who is also working from home, add two young children, and you realize that making it all work takes patience and understanding, both at home, and from those we work with.” 

“Although we had our doubts that this schedule could work, we really appreciate our supervisors understanding our current work/life situation,” Toni says. “Because they recognize family is our top priority, they are able to help us navigate through our new schedule, while still making sure we maintain the same work ethic prior to the pandemic.”

Congratulations to the newly expanded Minter family. They are a great example of how flexibility and team work can create successful results during the pandemic.