April 30, 2020
student worker working from home

Osvaldo Rojas is a sophomore Information Technology major and has been a student worker for the UNT Dallas Office of Information Technology (OIT) since 2018. Like all of us, Osvaldo is working remotely from home, and he helps to ensure that UNT Dallas and College of Law faculty, staff and students are fully functioning technologically. Keeping our university community connected through technology has been one of the most important jobs since our campus closed in March.

Q: What are your main duties while working remotely?

A: I was assigned the role of taking Help Desk phone calls from the main campus and the College of Law. I was also tasked with creating awork-flow system to coordinate how OIT handles its call volume.Coordinating with co-workers to create a smooth process for taking calls has been extremely easy due to a very professional workplace.

Q: What has been the biggest adjustment about working at home?

A: The hardest part is juggling family life with my work life. Another issue is dealing with a family of five in a global pandemic where we’re quarantined in a house and don’t have many avenues of relief. There are dogs barking, siblings bickering, parents calling for chores -- on top of all of that, I have to maintain a professional business environment in a small bedroom.

Q: Why did you decide to continue to work for OIT remotely?

A: It was very important for me to maintain my financial income for myself and to help my family during this crisis.