April 09, 2020
Rebecca Romero at home

Rebecca Romero has a full plate. She is a senior majoring inInterdisciplinary Studies – Social Studies 4-8, and she’s minoring in history. But, that’s not all. She’s also a student worker, serving as the lead student assistant for the Office of Student Affairs. Not only is Rebecca adjusting to taking her classes virtually, she’s learning how to work that way, too. In the office, Rebecca answered calls, printed and distributed posters and flyers, assisted students meeting with staff and helped staff prepare for appointments and events.

Q: How have your job duties changed while working remotely?

A: With the help of IT, we have been able to answer calls from the main line, and I have been assigned research projects by the Dean of Students. I also assist staff with any virtual projects. Most of my job has consisted of moving around and interacting with UNT Dallas students and staff, so I am still getting used to the decrease in interaction.

Q: Why was it important for you to continue working while campus is closed?

A: Student Affairs is an outlet for students to get involved and get all types assistance. Students still need help getting connected to different departments and we know what each department specializes in. Also, because the Student Affairs staff strives to provide quality products to students, we are asked our opinions. And, when a staff member is having to juggle tasks we are here to help. If a student reaches out to a staff member, but they do not have the answer, they reach out to us.

Q: What benefit do you think might come of all this once we return to normal times?

A: I have gained a lot of knowledge as far as technology goes. I also feel like my team has improved its communication skills, which is great! Since we were able to figure out how to go virtual so quickly, I am sure my team can solve any problem they are faced with when we return.