February 27, 2020
"I voted" sticker

Young minority voters have the numbers and the power to determine the future political direction of the state of Texas and the nation.

But, will they vote?

We'll learn much more about that on Tuesday, March 3, when Texas and 13 other states go to the polls on what's called Super Tuesday. So far, Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada have held primaries or caucuses, with South Carolina voting on Saturday. The results of Super Tuesday will likely winnow the still-crowded Democratic field currently led by Sen. Bernie Sanders, and could ultimately decide which candidate will take on President Donald Trump in November.

March 3: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Two UNT Dallas political science majors -- Thomas Palmer of Pleasant Grove; and Herlinda Resendiz, also of Pleasant Grove -- are deeply engaged in the political process. They shared their thoughts on the issues that matter most to them and their peers, and their expectation for voter turnout among young minorities. They size up Super Tuesday, and share which candidate will get their vote on the latest episode of the Urban Advantage Podcast -- the voice of UNT Dallas and the voice of southern Dallas.

Please listen to this important podcast -- and pass it on.