April 22, 2021
Founders Hall

Dallas (April 22, 2021) – The University of North Texas at Dallas (UNT Dallas) is extending its reach across counties in a new partnership – Tarrant To & Through (T3). The university recently joined the T3 Partnership, collaborating in an area-wide effort to ensure that Tarrant County students receive the education they need to succeed in today’s workforce and start on a path toward lifelong success.

The T3 Partnership is a coalition of colleges, universities, employers, and community organizations working with Tarrant County schools to ensure more students obtain a postsecondary credential. Of the six founding T3 higher education partners, UNT Dallas is the only university located in Dallas County. UNT Dallas provides automatic admission for T3 students who graduate in the top 30% of their respective class. Participation in bold college access and persistence initiatives like T3 is one way the university lives out its mission to be the pathway to social mobility for students and families.

“We are proud to be the first Dallas County university to join T3 and help promote increased educational attainment in Tarrant County,” said Bob Mong, UNT Dallas President. “That’s our mission at UNT Dallas – to help high need students improve their lives. We join TCU, Tarrant College, Texas Wesleyan and Tarleton in this important effort that enjoys strong support by leadership in the county.”

According to T3, 65% of jobs in North Texas require a postsecondary credential, and by 2036, approximately 70% of jobs across Texas will require some college. Yet only 39% of adults in Tarrant County possess an associate degree or higher. T3 is focused on closing three key gaps that hinder students from being prepared for, enrolling in, and finishing postsecondary education – the information gap, guidance gap, and the financial aid gap.

“Through our partnership, together, we will help create more equitable pathways while supporting students as they enroll, persist, and complete a postsecondary credential with confidence,” said Dr. Rachael Capua, Director of College & Career Success for T3. “Student success is our success, and we believe UNT Dallas will play a critical role in providing educational opportunity for more students through scholarships and supports.”

UNT Dallas anticipates having around 50 T3 Scholars during its first year. As part of the T3 program, incoming students receive persistence coaching and resources to ensure they stay on track and transfer student support should they choose to attend Tarrant County College and then transfer to a partner university. T3 Scholars also receive bridge programming, which helps ease the transition from high school to college.  At UNT Dallas, bridge programming will likely occur in August and the university hopes to see students on campus for face-to-face instruction.

“We are so excited to partner with T3 to serve more Tarrant County students at UNT Dallas,” said Stephanie Holley, Vice President Student Access & Success. “The T3 team members have been wonderful partners and we are grateful to work together for student success. This program provides UNT Dallas with a great opportunity to connect with students who may never have previously considered our university as an option. We are eager to launch activities this summer and work with students to get a head start on their college experiences and preparations.”